Life Priorities

Understanding Life Priorities

Understanding life priorities through temperament theory enhances personal growth and relationships. Explore how the distinct values of Blues, Golds, Greens, and Oranges shape interactions and decisions. Delving into these insights helps foster empathy and improve connections in all areas of your life, creating more harmonious and fulfilling relationships.

The Impact of Temperament on Life Choices and Relationships

Understanding the unique life priorities of individuals is essential for personal development, effective communication, and nurturing meaningful relationships. Temperament theory suggests that each person’s personality is a blend of four archetypal temperaments: Blue (NF), Gold (SJ), Green (NT), and Orange (SP). These temperaments provide a framework for recognizing what drives us. Each temperament has a specific set of values and motivations guiding their actions and decisions, profoundly shaping their approach to life.

Recognizing and understanding these differing priorities can significantly enhance our interactions with others. When we understand what drives someone else, we can tailor our communication to resonate more deeply with their values. This leads to more effective and empathetic interactions. By appreciating the distinct life priorities of different temperaments, we can cultivate empathy and strengthen our social skills, fostering more harmonious relationships.

One significant benefit of understanding life priorities is the improvement of personal relationships. Whether with family, friends, or romantic partners, recognizing what matters most to others allows us to support them more effectively. For instance, understanding that one person might value stability and security while another thrives on spontaneity and adventure helps us navigate potential conflicts and find common ground. When we acknowledge and respect the unique priorities of those around us, we strengthen our bonds and create more supportive relationships.

In professional settings, this understanding can enhance teamwork and collaboration. Different temperaments bring varied strengths and perspectives to a group, and recognizing these can help in assigning roles that align with each team member’s priorities. For example, some individuals might excel in planning and organization, while others might be more effective in dynamic and creative problem-solving. By appreciating the life priorities of our colleagues, we can create more cohesive and productive teams, leveraging each member’s unique strengths.

Moreover, understanding life priorities can lead to personal growth and self-awareness. Reflecting on our own temperament and what drives us can help us make more informed decisions that align with our values and goals. This self-awareness fosters a sense of authenticity and purpose, enabling us to live more fulfilling lives. Accepting and understanding our own life priorities empowers us to grow and evolve in meaningful ways.

By exploring the life priorities associated with each temperament, we gain valuable insights into the dynamics that drive our behaviors and decisions. This knowledge not only enriches our interactions but also contributes to a more understanding and compassionate world. Next, we will delve into the top ten life priorities of each temperament, providing a detailed look at what drives Blues, Golds, Greens, and Oranges.

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Life Priorities for Blues

Meaningful Relationships. For Blues, deep and meaningful connections with family, friends, and partners are paramount. They invest significant time and emotional energy into nurturing these relationships, seeking to understand and support their loved ones. Authenticity and emotional intimacy are crucial, and they often go out of their way to maintain and strengthen these bonds. Whether it’s through long conversations, acts of kindness, or simply being present, Blues strive to build and sustain relationships that are heartfelt and genuine, creating a strong emotional foundation in their lives.

Personal Growth. Blues are constantly striving for self-improvement and emotional development. They seek experiences that enhance their understanding of themselves and others, often engaging in activities such as journaling, therapy, and personal development workshops. This quest for growth is driven by a desire to become more empathetic, compassionate, and self-aware. By continually working on their personal growth, Blues aim to navigate life with greater emotional intelligence and resilience, ensuring they are always evolving and improving in ways that align with their values and aspirations.

Creative Expression. Engaging in creative and imaginative activities is a significant priority for Blues. They thrive on opportunities to express their inner world through various forms of art, writing, or music. This creative expression is not only a source of joy but also a means of processing emotions and experiences. By channeling their creativity, Blues find a therapeutic outlet that helps them make sense of their inner lives and connect with others on a deeper level. Sharing their artistic creations often leads to a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose.

Emotional Fulfillment. Experiences that bring joy, satisfaction, and a sense of purpose are highly valued by Blues. They seek out activities and relationships that resonate with their passions and provide emotional nourishment. Whether it’s through meaningful work, hobbies, or connections with others, Blues strive to lead a life that feels emotionally fulfilling. They focus on cultivating environments and engagements that align with their values and bring a sense of happiness and contentment, ensuring that their daily lives are enriched with positive and fulfilling experiences.

Empathy and Compassion. Blues prioritize understanding and caring for others, often going above and beyond to offer support and kindness. Acts of service and making a positive impact are essential to their sense of self-worth. They are drawn to volunteer opportunities and professions that allow them to uplift and assist those in need. This empathetic and compassionate nature drives them to seek ways to alleviate suffering and contribute positively to the well-being of others, reinforcing their commitment to making the world a better place through genuine care and concern.

Community Involvement. Being an active and engaged member of their community is important for Blues. They seek to build and support a sense of belonging by participating in social and community events. This involvement helps them foster connections and work towards collective well-being. By contributing their time and energy to community activities, Blues not only enhance their social networks but also find a deeper sense of purpose. Their efforts in community involvement are often driven by a desire to create a supportive and connected environment for everyone.

Emotional Security. Stability and reassurance in their relationships and environment are crucial for Blues. They work diligently to create a safe, supportive space for themselves and their loved ones. This often involves fostering a harmonious home life and maintaining strong, reliable connections with those who matter most to them. By ensuring emotional security, Blues can thrive in a stable environment where they feel protected and valued. This sense of security allows them to navigate life’s challenges with confidence, knowing they have a solid support system to rely on.

Helping Others. Acts of service and support are at the heart of a Blue’s priorities. They find great satisfaction in assisting others and making a difference in their lives. Whether through their career choices or volunteer activities, Blues seek out ways to help those in need, driven by their compassionate and empathetic nature. This dedication to helping others not only fulfills their desire to be of service but also reinforces their sense of purpose and connection to the broader community. Their efforts often lead to meaningful and lasting impacts on those they assist.

Spirituality. Exploring and nurturing their spiritual beliefs is a key aspect of a Blue’s life. They engage in practices such as meditation, prayer, or attending religious services to connect with a higher purpose. This spiritual journey provides them with a sense of peace, direction, and deeper understanding of the world around them. By prioritizing their spiritual growth, Blues seek to align their lives with their spiritual values and beliefs, finding solace and inspiration in their connection to something greater than themselves.

Authentic Living. Living in alignment with their true selves is paramount for Blues. They strive to be genuine and true to their values in all aspects of life. This often means seeking out environments and relationships that allow them to be their authentic selves, free from pretense and societal expectations. By embracing their true identity and values, Blues can lead lives that are honest and fulfilling, ensuring that their actions and choices reflect who they genuinely are. This commitment to authenticity helps them build trust and deeper connections with others.

A Day in the Life of a Blue

Meet Astrid, a dedicated counselor living in a small coastal town. Astrid’s life revolves around her deep connections with people and her relentless pursuit of personal growth and emotional fulfillment.

Astrid starts her day at dawn, journaling her thoughts and emotions. This morning routine helps her process her feelings and set positive intentions. She then spends some time painting in her small studio, where she expresses her inner world through vivid colors and abstract forms. This creative activity is not only therapeutic but also a way for Astrid to explore her emotions and find clarity.

After her morning routine, Astrid heads to her job at the local community center. She meets with clients who need support, offering them a listening ear and practical advice. Her empathetic nature allows her to connect deeply with each person, providing comfort and hope. During lunch, she joins a community group she organized, where members share their stories and offer mutual support. This sense of community and belonging is vital to Astrid, as it strengthens her ties with others and fosters a supportive environment.

In the evening, Astrid visits her elderly neighbor, Ingrid, bringing her homemade soup and helping with chores. These small acts of kindness bring Astrid a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Later, she spends time with her family, sharing a meal and discussing their day. They play a board game, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Before bed, Astrid reflects on her day, feeling content and grateful for the meaningful connections she has nurtured.

Astrid’s day illustrates the life priorities of a Blue: meaningful relationships, personal growth, helping others, and emotional fulfillment. Her actions and choices reflect her deep commitment to living a life rich with empathy and connection.

Life Priorities for Golds

Security and Stability. Creating a safe and predictable environment is essential for Golds. They place high importance on financial and emotional security, meticulously planning their lives to avoid uncertainties. Golds often focus on building a stable foundation, ensuring that their future and that of their loved ones is secure. By maintaining order and consistency, they provide a sense of stability that allows them to navigate life’s challenges confidently, knowing they have a reliable safety net in place.

Responsibility. Golds take their duties and commitments very seriously. Being reliable and dependable is a core value, and they often assume leadership roles within their family and community. Whether it’s at work, home, or in social settings, Golds ensure that their responsibilities are met with diligence and integrity. This sense of responsibility extends to all aspects of their lives, where they strive to be accountable and trustworthy, gaining the respect and trust of those around them.

Tradition. Upholding and honoring customs and rituals is deeply valued by Golds. They cherish the continuity of family and cultural traditions, taking an active role in organizing and participating in celebrations and ceremonies. These traditions provide a sense of identity and belonging, connecting them to their heritage and values. By preserving and passing down traditions, Golds reinforce a sense of continuity and stability within their families and communities, ensuring that cherished practices are maintained for future generations.

Financial Planning. Prudently managing their finances is a priority for Golds. They are diligent about saving and investing wisely, ensuring a secure financial future. Golds often create detailed budgets and long-term financial plans, focusing on stability and preparedness for any potential challenges or opportunities. This careful financial planning provides peace of mind, allowing them to feel secure in their ability to meet their financial goals and provide for themselves and their families.

Family First. The well-being of their family is a central priority. Golds dedicate significant time and effort to ensure their loved ones are happy, secure, and supported. They plan family activities, maintain a nurturing home environment, and often take on the role of caretaker, always putting their family’s needs above their own. This commitment to family fosters strong bonds and ensures that their loved ones feel valued and cared for, creating a harmonious and supportive family dynamic.

Order and Organization. Maintaining a structured and orderly environment is crucial for Golds. They value cleanliness and organization in their home and workspaces, creating systems and routines to manage their responsibilities efficiently. This focus on order helps them feel in control and reduces stress, allowing them to function effectively. By keeping their surroundings organized, Golds can navigate their daily tasks with ease, ensuring that they meet their commitments and maintain a sense of balance in their lives.

Dependability. Being trustworthy and reliable is a hallmark of Golds. They pride themselves on fulfilling their promises and being a dependable presence for others. Whether in personal or professional settings, Golds strive to be someone that others can always count on, building strong, lasting relationships based on trust and respect. This dependability extends to all areas of their lives, where they consistently demonstrate reliability and integrity, reinforcing their reputation as dependable and steadfast individuals.

Long-Term Goals. Setting clear, achievable objectives for the future is important to Golds. They focus on creating detailed plans to reach their goals, often working diligently and consistently towards their long-term vision. This goal-oriented mindset helps them stay motivated and focused, ensuring steady progress in their personal and professional lives. By setting and achieving long-term goals, Golds create a sense of purpose and direction, allowing them to build a future that aligns with their values and aspirations.

Hard Work. Dedication and perseverance are key attributes of Golds. They believe in the value of hard work and are willing to put in the necessary effort to achieve success. Golds approach their tasks with diligence and a strong work ethic, often going the extra mile to ensure that their work is completed to the highest standards. This commitment to hard work not only helps them achieve their goals but also reinforces their sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

Loyalty. Strong bonds and steadfast commitments are highly prized by Golds. They maintain loyalty to their family, friends, and employers, often going above and beyond to support those they are devoted to. This unwavering loyalty fosters deep, enduring relationships and a sense of mutual trust and respect. By being loyal, Golds create a stable and supportive network of relationships that provide them with a sense of belonging and security, ensuring that they and their loved ones are always well-supported.

A Day in the Life of a Gold

Meet Javier, a meticulous accountant living in a suburban neighborhood. Javier’s life revolves around his dedication to stability, responsibility, and the well-being of his family.

Javier begins his day early, rising at 6 AM. He follows a strict morning routine, starting with a quick workout followed by a balanced breakfast. Afterward, he reviews his financial planner, ensuring that all bills are paid and savings goals are met. This meticulous planning provides Javier with a sense of control and security, setting a positive tone for the day.

At work, Javier’s attention to detail makes him an invaluable asset. He meticulously reviews financial statements and ensures compliance with regulations. His colleagues rely on him for accurate and thorough work. During lunch, Javier meets with his coworker, Sofia, to discuss a community project they are organizing. They plan a neighborhood cleanup event, reflecting Javier’s commitment to responsibility and community involvement.

After work, Javier returns home to his family. He helps his children, Lucia and Diego, with their homework, emphasizing the importance of education and diligence. The family then prepares for their weekly family dinner, a cherished tradition. Javier cooks a special meal, and they all gather around the table, sharing stories and enjoying each other’s company. This time together reinforces their bond and provides a stable, loving environment for his children.

Before bed, Javier reviews the next day’s schedule, ensuring everything is in order. He feels a deep sense of satisfaction knowing he has provided stability and support for his family. Javier’s day exemplifies the life priorities of a Gold: stability, responsibility, and family. His actions and choices reflect his unwavering commitment to creating a secure and orderly life for himself and his loved ones.

Life Priorities for Greens

Intellectual Pursuits. Greens place a high value on engaging in activities that challenge their minds. They thrive on learning and acquiring new knowledge, often pursuing advanced education and intellectually stimulating hobbies. Their curiosity drives them to explore complex subjects, whether through reading, research, or engaging in thoughtful discussions. By continually expanding their understanding, Greens satisfy their intellectual hunger and ensure they remain at the cutting edge of their fields and interests.

Strategic Thinking. Solving complex problems through planning and analysis is essential for Greens. They excel in roles requiring foresight and innovation, constantly seeking to develop effective solutions. Greens approach challenges with a strategic mindset, analyzing various angles and potential outcomes before making decisions. This ability to think critically and plan ahead allows them to navigate complex situations successfully, ensuring they achieve their long-term objectives efficiently.

Independence. Autonomy and self-reliance are crucial for Greens. They prefer to make their own decisions and operate without external constraints, valuing the freedom to chart their own path. This independence fuels their creativity and allows them to pursue their goals without interference. By maintaining control over their lives and choices, Greens can focus on what truly matters to them, fostering a sense of personal empowerment and satisfaction.

Achievement. Striving for excellence and significant accomplishments is a driving force for Greens. They set high standards for themselves and pursue their career and personal goals with determination, aiming to make impactful contributions. Greens are often motivated by a desire to achieve mastery and recognition in their chosen fields, pushing themselves to excel. This focus on achievement helps them build a legacy of success and innovation, leaving a lasting impact on their work and communities.

Innovation. Creating and implementing new ideas is a passion for Greens. They value originality and creativity, often driving advancements in their field with their innovative approaches. Greens are natural problem-solvers who enjoy thinking outside the box and developing groundbreaking solutions. By fostering an environment that encourages creativity and experimentation, they can bring new ideas to life and contribute to progress and change in meaningful ways.

Efficiency. Maximizing productivity and minimizing waste are critical priorities for Greens. They prioritize finding the most efficient ways to achieve their objectives, valuing streamlined processes. Greens constantly seek to optimize their methods, ensuring that their efforts yield the best possible results. By focusing on efficiency, they can accomplish more in less time, allowing them to pursue multiple interests and projects simultaneously without compromising on quality.

Logical Analysis. Approaching situations with reason and logic is fundamental for Greens. They make decisions based on data and objective evaluation, gathering and analyzing information to inform their choices. This analytical mindset helps them solve problems rationally and effectively, minimizing the influence of emotions or biases. By relying on logic and evidence, Greens ensure that their decisions are well-founded and likely to lead to successful outcomes.

Competence. Developing expertise and mastery is a continual goal for Greens. They strive to be highly skilled and knowledgeable in their chosen fields, prioritizing continuous improvement and professional development. Greens take pride in their abilities and work hard to maintain a high level of competence. This dedication to excellence ensures they remain competitive and respected, capable of making significant contributions and achieving their ambitions.

Objective Truth. Seeking factual accuracy is essential for Greens. They adhere to objective truths and scientific principles, engaging in research and exploration to uncover reliable information. Greens prioritize evidence-based knowledge and value intellectual honesty, often challenging assumptions and seeking to verify facts. By focusing on objective truth, they can make informed decisions and contribute to a more accurate and rational understanding of the world.

Autonomy in Work. Preferring to work independently is a key preference for Greens. They thrive in roles that allow them to exercise their independence and expertise, avoiding micromanagement. Greens value having control over their projects and tasks, enabling them to pursue their work with dedication and focus. This autonomy allows them to innovate and excel, ensuring their contributions are both meaningful and impactful.

A Day in the Life of a Green

Meet Wyatt, a software developer in Austin, Texas. Wyatt’s life revolves around his thirst for knowledge, strategic thinking, and the pursuit of independence.

Wyatt begins his day early, rising at 5:30 AM. He starts with a cup of coffee and reads articles on the latest technological advancements. This quiet time for intellectual pursuits sets a stimulating tone for his day. Afterward, he spends an hour working on a personal project—developing a new app he believes will revolutionize user experience. This morning routine allows Wyatt to harness his creativity and strategic thinking.

At work, Wyatt thrives in an environment that values innovation. He collaborates with his team on a complex coding project, often taking the lead in brainstorming sessions. Wyatt’s strategic thinking and problem-solving skills are highly valued, and he enjoys the autonomy his job provides. During lunch, Wyatt retreats to a quiet café, using the time to work on his app and catch up on industry news. This independence is crucial for Wyatt, as it fuels his motivation and creativity.

In the evening, Wyatt attends a local tech meet-up, where he networks with like-minded professionals and discusses emerging trends. These interactions are intellectually stimulating and help Wyatt stay at the forefront of his field. After the meet-up, he heads home to spend time with his partner, Savannah. They enjoy a quiet dinner, discussing their day and sharing insights from their respective fields.

Before bed, Wyatt reviews the progress he made on his projects and sets goals for the next day. He feels a deep sense of satisfaction knowing he has advanced his knowledge and worked independently on something meaningful. Wyatt’s day reflects the life priorities of a Green: intellectual pursuits, strategic thinking, and independence. His actions and choices illustrate his commitment to innovation and personal growth, driven by a desire to excel and make impactful contributions.

Life Priorities for Oranges

Adventure. Oranges are drawn to thrill-seeking and new experiences. They thrive on spontaneity and excitement, always looking for the next adventure. Whether it’s traveling to new places, trying extreme sports, or simply embracing the unexpected, Oranges live for moments that make their hearts race. This constant pursuit of adventure keeps their lives dynamic and exhilarating, providing a steady stream of new experiences that fuel their zest for life and keep boredom at bay.

Flexibility. Adapting to change with ease is a natural talent for Oranges. They value the ability to adjust plans on the fly and handle unexpected situations with grace. This flexibility allows them to thrive in dynamic environments and seize opportunities as they arise. Whether it’s shifting gears at work or pivoting plans in their personal life, Oranges excel in maintaining a positive attitude and finding creative solutions, making them highly resilient in the face of change.

Practicality. Focusing on realistic and immediate outcomes is essential for Oranges. They prefer practical solutions that can be quickly implemented, valuing hands-on approaches and tangible results. Oranges are action-oriented, often solving problems in creative and efficient ways. By prioritizing practicality, they ensure that their efforts are effective and yield immediate benefits, enabling them to quickly adapt to new challenges and opportunities with a straightforward, no-nonsense approach.

Immediate Gratification. Enjoying the present moment is key for Oranges. They seek experiences that provide instant pleasure and satisfaction, prioritizing activities that offer quick rewards. This focus on the here and now allows them to live life fully and embrace joy as it comes. Whether it’s indulging in a favorite hobby, enjoying social gatherings, or simply savoring a good meal, Oranges excel at finding happiness in the moment, making their lives rich with spontaneous, fulfilling experiences.

Social Interaction. Engaging with others in lively and energetic ways is important to Oranges. They thrive on socializing and building a wide network of friends and acquaintances. Their outgoing nature makes them the life of the party, always ready to connect and have fun. By fostering numerous social connections, Oranges enrich their lives with diverse relationships and shared experiences, ensuring they are always surrounded by a vibrant and supportive community.

Action-Oriented. Taking immediate action is a natural inclination for Oranges. They prefer doing over planning, enthusiastically jumping into tasks and projects. This proactive approach helps them achieve goals quickly and keeps them engaged in their work and activities. By focusing on action, Oranges can effectively tackle challenges and make swift progress, ensuring that they stay motivated and productive in all their endeavors.

Resourcefulness. Solving problems creatively is a strength of Oranges. They value finding clever and unconventional solutions, using their quick-thinking and inventive nature to overcome challenges. This resourcefulness makes them adaptable and effective in a variety of situations. By leveraging their ingenuity, Oranges can navigate obstacles with ease, turning potential setbacks into opportunities for innovation and success.

Freedom. Personal freedom and autonomy are highly prized by Oranges. They seek the ability to make their own choices, living life on their terms without restrictions. This desire for independence fuels their adventurous spirit and drives them to pursue their passions. By prioritizing freedom, Oranges ensure that they can explore new horizons and embrace opportunities that align with their unique interests and goals, creating a life that is both fulfilling and liberating.

Risk-Taking. Embracing uncertainty and challenges is invigorating for Oranges. They value opportunities that involve risk, enjoying the potential for high rewards and bold adventures. This willingness to take risks often leads them to exciting and rewarding experiences. By stepping outside their comfort zone, Oranges can achieve remarkable feats and discover new paths, making their lives rich with diverse and exhilarating experiences.

Variety. Enjoying a diverse range of activities is essential for Oranges. They avoid routine, seeking a dynamic life filled with varied pursuits to keep things interesting and exciting. This love for variety ensures that they are always exploring new interests and experiences, keeping their lives vibrant and engaging. By embracing a wide array of activities, Oranges maintain a sense of excitement and fulfillment, constantly invigorating their daily lives with fresh and stimulating endeavors.

A Day in the Life of an Orange

Meet Camille, a freelance photographer living in Montreal. Camille’s life is driven by her love for adventure, flexibility, and the thrill of new experiences.

Camille wakes up at 7 AM, excited about the possibilities the day holds. Instead of a rigid morning routine, she checks the weather and decides to explore a new neighborhood for a photo shoot. Grabbing her camera and a quick breakfast, she sets out to capture the vibrant street life of Montreal. Camille thrives on spontaneity, and each day is a new adventure. Today, she discovers a hidden alleyway with stunning graffiti art, providing the perfect backdrop for her photos.

By midday, Camille is reviewing her morning shots at a bustling café. She loves the lively atmosphere and often strikes up conversations with fellow patrons. Today, she meets Antoine, a local artist, and they exchange ideas about collaborating on a future project. These social interactions fuel her creativity and keep her work dynamic and fresh. After lunch, Camille receives a last-minute call for a gig—a fashion shoot in the heart of the city. Embracing the opportunity, she quickly packs up and heads to the location, excited for the unexpected challenge.

In the evening, Camille meets up with friends at a popular rooftop bar. They share stories, laugh, and enjoy the vibrant city views. For Camille, these moments of immediate gratification and connection are essential. After the social outing, she heads home and reviews the day’s photos, feeling accomplished and inspired. Before bed, she spontaneously decides to plan a weekend trip to a nearby national park, craving the thrill of a new adventure.

Camille’s day exemplifies the life priorities of an Orange: adventure, flexibility, and social interaction. Her actions and choices reflect her love for spontaneity and excitement, living each day to the fullest and embracing every opportunity that comes her way. Through her adventurous spirit and dynamic lifestyle, Camille brings energy and creativity to everything she does.

Enhance Your Life with Temperament Insights

Understanding the unique life priorities of different temperaments is not just a tool for personal growth, but a gateway to more empathetic and effective interactions with others. By recognizing what drives individuals, whether they are Blues, Golds, Greens, or Oranges, we can tailor our communication and support to resonate more deeply with their values. This awareness helps us navigate relationships more smoothly, appreciate diverse perspectives, and build stronger, more harmonious connections both personally and professionally. Embracing these insights can transform the way we relate to the world around us, fostering a more compassionate and collaborative environment.

Now is the perfect time to delve deeper into understanding your own temperament and those of the people around you. This journey of self-discovery and empathy can significantly enhance your relationships and personal fulfillment. Visit to explore comprehensive resources on temperament theory, take insightful quizzes, and read articles that can help you better understand and appreciate the diverse life priorities that shape our interactions. Start your journey today and unlock the potential for more meaningful and enriched connections in all areas of your life.

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