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What You Get

Personality Tests

Unlimited access to the Insight/Four Lenses library of personality tests that measure how much of the BlueGoldGreen, and Orange temperaments are in your unique personality spectrum.

Temperament Training

Admission to four, self-paced learning courses that explain how each temperament appears throughout 10 categories of life: Values, Motivation, Communication, Work, Supervision, Recreation, Childhood, Youth, Education, and Love.

Maturity Assessment

There are 52 virtues or strengths that are associated with the four temperaments when they act in highly mature ways. This assessment will measure how much of each strength you currently possess. and identify areas for improvement.

52 Virtue Courses

If you want to maximize your personal effectiveness and increase your ability to succeed in your relationships, you can complete any of the seven-lesson courses on each of the 52 virtues associated with each color. 

More to Come

This is The Nexus Quest 1.0 and we will be adding more content as we better understand what you want to see. If there is something you want, please let us know!


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