Gaining Insight

Orange Lesson 4: Work

Orange Contributions to the Workplace Pushing boundaries, breaking records, and overcoming obstacles Constructing and assembling things with skill and dexterity Persuading others to adopt a different point-of-view Communicating with playful speech, laughter, and stories Promoting people, ideas, products, activities, or causes Taking chances and trusting their instincts and impulses Motivating others to spend energy and […]

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Orange Lesson 5: Supervision

Orange Leaders Orange leaders are the proverbial go-getters. As the old adage goes, “They make things happen while others just sit back and wonder what happened.” To a self-respecting Orange, sitting, studying, waiting, wishing, pondering, and planning are all time-wasting activities that simply suck the fun out of life. They’d much rather do something and

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Orange Lesson 6: Recreation

Things That Stress-Out Oranges Rules and regulations Restrictions and conditions Physical confinement or limitations Not being able to participate or perform Being backed into a corner and forced to comply Too many responsibilities Repetition and routine Indecision and inactivity Deadlines and time frames People who move slowly Waiting in long lines Non-negotiable arrangements Impractical or

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Orange Lesson 7: Childhood

Orange Children Orange children are noisy, energetic, and freedom-loving. Because they want life to be action-packed and fun, they do what they want to do when they want to do it. So it seems like they’re always getting into trouble. They like physical contests and games, especially if they can be played outside. Their bedrooms

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Orange Lesson 8: Youth

Orange Teens Accepts risky, physical challenges Acquires practical, useful skills Acts boldly, fearlessly, impulsively Avoids work done at a desk Deals swiftly with concrete problems Enjoys action-packed activities Fights against authority figures Finishes work quickly so he or she can have fun Hates delay, red tape, bureaucracy Ignores unnecessary details Knows an opportunity when it

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Orange Lesson 9: Education

Orange Learners Learning Styles Bring excitement and fun to classes Need hands-on activities and experience Are talented, resourceful, skillful, and adaptable Love games, contests, and competitions Education must be realistic and applied to the here-and-now Are irritated by excessive classroom rules and limits Appreciate a flexible, casual, dynamic environment Thrive on variety, change, clutter, chaos,

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Orange Lesson 10: Love

Orange Attitudes on Love Sex and Intimacy Because Oranges are sensory people who rely on their feelings of taste, smell, touch, vision, and hearing, they seem to be highly motivated by their sexual drives. Sex is an important part of their lives and they try to have as much of it as possible. They take

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Orange Lesson 3: Communication

What Oranges Sound Like Oranges sometimes stage vivid and wild conversations in an attempt to shock the heck out of people. Oranges like impact. Changeable, quick, adaptable, funny, Oranges cause explosions wherever they go. Therefore, the Orange marker words are likely to be short terse verbs. Oranges like to talk about their life and adventures.

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Orange Lesson 2: Motivation

Motivating Oranges Praise their achievements Oranges aspire towards virtuosity, which can be defined as doing the extraordinary while making it look easy. Unfortunately, to get continuing value from their exploits, they must either repeat them or recount them. Repeating the deed is likely to be difficult, as many of the tight spots in which Orange

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Orange Lesson 1: Values

The Ten Categories of Life for Oranges Values Oranges value spontaneity and freedom from restrictions—they yearn to do what they want when they want to do it. They admire courage, finesse, grace, and charisma. They respect skill and artistic expression and highly regard opportunities, options, and competition. They promote stimulation, challenge, and courage, and bring

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