Gaining Virtue

After completing the Gaining Insight courses on the Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange Temperaments, the resources on this page will help you acquire the virtues that are associated with all four colors.

The Maturity Assessment

The Maturity Assessment is used to assess your strength in all 52 virtues. It takes about 20 minutes to complete then provides a score for each virtue, sorted from most like you to least like you.

An Introduction to the
Nexus Quest

This is the introductory course for all of the content on this website. It will re-introduce you to the four temperaments, identify some of the problems that perpetually perplex people, and explain why acquiring these 52 virtues will help you find happiness and “the good life.” This free course will be available to you once you register on this website. Click the graphic to begin the course.


Insights on the
52 Virtues

Below you will find 52 courses, one for each of the 13 virtues that belong to the four temperaments. Each course consists of seven, 13-minute lessons. Click the graphic to begin or resume a course.

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