Gaining Insight

The resources on this page will identify your personality spectrum and then teach you everything you need to know about the Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange temperaments.

Personality Assessments

The following premium assessments are available for the personal use of subscribers, which means you may use these to assess your own personality, but not the personality of others, including friends and family. Click on the image to complete the assessment. You may complete the assessments as many times as you desire.

  • The Primary Temperament Quiz is a 5-minute, 20-item multiple-choice survey that identifies your primary temperament.
  • The Insight Spectrum Survey is a 10-minute, 10-question survey where you rank the four sentence parts of each question with a value from one to four.
  • The Insight Temperament Test is a 20-minute, 72-question A/B assessment that features two choices for each question where you choose the answer that is most like you. 
  • The Insight Personality Instrument is a 30-minute, 40-question survey where you rank an image and its accompanying paragraph on a zero to 4-point scale. 
  • The Athletic Coaching Style Assessment was developed to determine whether your prefer to coach in a Blue, Gold, Green, or Orange way. A comprehensive 1500+ word summary than reveals the strengths of each coaching style.
  • The Athlete Style Assessment determines whether you prefer to perform in a Blue, Gold, Green, or Orange manner when you are in the role of an athlete. A 2000+ word summary reveals the characteristics of each athlete style.

Insights on the Four Temperaments​

If you would like an in-depth dive into how the Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange personalities respond in ten different aspects of life, then check out each of these 10-lesson courses. Click on the image to see what’s inside the course!