Maturity Assessment

After you have registered for free on this website, you will have access to the Maturity Assessment. It is used to assess your strength in all 52 virtues, 13 for each temperament. It takes about 20 minutes to complete, but at the end of the assessment you will see a value associated with each virtue, sorted by most like you to least like you, as well as sorted by color. It will also hint at your current personality spectrum.

This assessment should be completed before you begin working on the Nexus Quest. It will identify your strengths and potential weaknesses, which you can use to identify which virtues you want to start enhancing. Many people choose those virtues that rank the lowest, but you can choose any virtue you want. Then, after completing the study and practice of a virtue, feel free to go back and take the assessment over again and see if your scores have improved.

Further, rather than using your own perceptions to measure how much of each virtue you possess, you can ask a colleague, a loved one, or a supervisor to complete the assessment for you, revealing how they perceive your strengths. Then they can take it again later to see if you have improved.

The results of this assessment will be emailed to the email address you created when you registered on this website. If you need to change your name or email address, please do so before completing the assessment. If you are being coached or mentored as you complete this program, you may want to forward a copy of your results to that person.