The Orange Temperament

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The Oranges represent the second largest group of people in the world—about 40%. These are they who need freedom, excitement, and challenge in order to be happy. They look for physical stimulation, competition, and movement, especially if it gives them a chance to stand in the spotlight and demonstrate their remarkable skills and talents.

Oranges are often misunderstood. Some incorrectly interpret they playfulness and lightheartedness as silliness or immaturity. But Oranges are often the movers and shakers in society that can be relied on to take decisive actions, especially in a crisis. They’re willing to make things happen immediately, while other personality types prefer to carefully plan what to do, or objectively evaluate the ramifications of their actions, or consider whether or not they want to get involved at all.

The world would be a pretty boring place without the dynamic Oranges around to infuse it with their boundless energy, optimism, and confidence. Conversations would be rather dull with out their candor, creativity, and charisma. And without their courage and adventurousness, dangerous places wouldn’t be explored, conflicts wouldn’t be won, and chains wouldn’t be broken.

This 10-lesson course tries to boil down the essence of what it means to be an Orange. It provides several snapshots of what Oranges look like as children, students, teenagers, friends, lovers, parents, leaders, and teachers. It also explores what they need to have in their lives in order to be happy, and what they need to avoid to stay happy. It not only explores their passions and desires, but reveals their hidden strengths and deeply-held values. All of this information should be digested if you want to effectively interact with an Orange—and survive the encounter.

Course Contents

  • The 10 Categories of Life
  • What Oranges Value
  • Orange Self-Description
  • Words That Oranges Use
  • A Orange “Values” Chart
  • What Oranges Say About Themselves
  • Orange Environments
  • Motivating Oranges
  • Orange Buyers
  • Orange Salespeople
  • What Oranges Sound Like
  • Conversing with Oranges
  • Orange Contributions to the Workplace
  • Orange Occupations
  • Orange Worker Strengths
  • Orange Leaders
  • Orange Teammates
  • Appreciating Oranges
  • Things That Stress Out Oranges
  • Things Oranges Do That Stress Out Others
  • Resolving Conflicts with Oranges
  • Fun Activities for Oranges
  • Orange Children
  • Orange Parents
  • Quotes from Orange Parents
  • Disciplining Oranges
  • Orange Teens
  • Youthful Orange Relationships
  • Orange Reputations
  • Orange Clothing Styles
  • Relating to Orange Teenagers
  • Orange Learners
  • Teaching Oranges
  • Orange Teachers
  • Orange Attitudes on Love
  • Relating with Oranges