The Green Temperament

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If there is a color that is more lonely than the others, it would be the Green. Only six percent of people are Green, and only one third of those are female. For some reason, they don’t exist in nature with the same frequency as the Golds and Oranges, or even their opposites, the Blues. Perhaps the world only needs a limited number of these remarkable individuals who can be counted on to constantly push the limits of human understanding.

The curious Greens see the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills as serious business. They are always trying to build up their knowledge base and become increasingly competent in whatever fields have caught their interest. They hate to be mentally idle and tend to occupy their free time with an eclectic collection of hobbies, sports, and atypical interests.

They are the inventors and innovators who harness information, technology, and science to do their bidding and eliminate tedium and redundancy. They are “big-picture” people who keep their eye on the future and attempt to correct today’s flaws so that tomorrow may be even better. They try to bridle their passions and let their head rule their hearts.

Because Greens are so rare, they are often misunderstood and misinterpreted. Their native behaviors are seen as quirky and unusual by those who don’t understand them. But once you learn what makes them tick, and why they do the things they do, you might be able to tap into their problem-solving nature and help make the world a more perfect place.

This 10-lesson course examines the Green temperament as it appears in ten specific categories: values, motivation, communication, work, supervision, recreation, childhood, youth, education, and love. After spending sufficient time learning this information, you can then begin to apply it to your life and build successful relationships with this cool, calm, and collected personality style.

Course Contents

  • The 10 Categories of Life
  • What Greens Value
  • Green Self-Description
  • Words That Greens Use
  • A Green “Values” Chart
  • What Greens Say About Themselves
  • Green Environments
  • Motivating Greens
  • Green Buyers
  • Green Salespeople
  • What Greens Sound Like
  • Conversing with Greens
  • Green Contributions to the Workplace
  • Green Occupations
  • Green Worker Strengths
  • Green Leaders
  • Green Teammates
  • Appreciating Greens
  • Things That Stress Out Greens
  • Things Greens Do That Stress Out Others
  • Resolving Conflicts with Greens
  • Fun Activities for Greens
  • Green Children
  • Green Parents
  • Quotes from Green Parents
  • Disciplining Greens
  • Green Teens
  • Youthful Green Relationships
  • Green Reputations
  • Green Clothing Styles
  • Relating to Green Teenagers
  • Green Learners
  • Teaching Greens
  • Green Teachers
  • Green Attitudes on Love
  • Relating with Greens