The Gold Temperament

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Most Gold people tend to be dependable, law-abiding, cautious, and concerned citizens. They like following schedules, routines, and established procedures. They are organized, traditional, disciplined, and realistic. Because Golds can be counted on to do whatever needs to be done, they become the backbone of most organizations.

Approximately 44% of all people are Gold, which makes them the largest color group. Because of their majority, they are usually responsible for making and enforcing the policies, laws, and procedures that make the important things in our world stay on schedule and within the designated budgets. Without their stalwart contributions, our society would likely break down into chaos and anarchy.

There is much in the Gold character that is worthy of emulation. In fact, if you want to thrive in society, the sooner you learn to value Gold attitudes and behaviors and adopt some of them into your life, the sooner you’ll find the success you seek.

This course outlines the most important characteristics of Gold people as they appear during various stages of their life, both within and without the home. As you learn about the Gold personality, you’ll discover what they value most in life, what brings them joy, and what brings them stress. If you take these into account as you interact with them, your relationships will inevitably improve.

Course Contents

  • The 10 Categories of Life
  • What Golds Value
  • Gold Self-Description
  • Words That Golds Use
  • A Gold “Values” Chart
  • What Golds Say About Themselves
  • Gold Environments
  • Motivating Golds
  • Gold Buyers
  • Gold Salespeople
  • What Golds Sound Like
  • Conversing with Golds
  • Gold Contributions to the Workplace
  • Gold Occupations
  • Gold Worker Strengths
  • Gold Leaders
  • Gold Teammates
  • Appreciating Golds
  • Things That Stress Out Golds
  • Things Golds Do That Stress Out Others
  • Resolving Conflicts with Golds
  • Fun Activities for Golds
  • Gold Children
  • Gold Parents
  • Quotes from Gold Parents
  • Disciplining Golds
  • Gold Teens
  • Youthful Gold Relationships
  • Gold Reputations
  • Gold Clothing Styles
  • Relating to Gold Teenagers
  • Gold Learners
  • Teaching Golds
  • Gold Teachers
  • Gold Attitudes on Love
  • Relating with Golds