The Blue Temperament

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When you meet a Blue person, you’re likely to find someone who is warm, caring, kind, sharing, and easy-going. They will be helpful, communicative, sensitive, unselfish, and affectionate. They’re likely to stop whatever they’re doing and focus on you and your wants and needs. And they do this because they genuinely care about you and your well-being. Even though only one out of 10 people are Blue, they are “people” people who strive throughout their lives to establish and maintain meaningful relationships.

If you want to reach out to a Blue and start a new relationship, or enhance one you already have, then you need to learn as much as you can about Blue preferences and how those preferences influence just about every aspect of their lives. Then, once you have sufficient knowledge, you can begin to adjust your own behaviors to accommodate some of those preferences and begin to see the world with a Blue perspective. Showing this level of empathy, which is a characteristic Blues cherish, will go a long way to strengthening your relationship.

To help you gain the knowledge you need, we’ve prepared this course. It presents the key attributes and characteristics of Blue people and what they look like in childhood, youth, and adulthood. It also explores how they behave in different roles, such as lover, friend, leader, worker, parent, teacher, and student. It will also give you suggestions on which attitudes and behaviors you need to adopt in order to communicate effectively and interact successfully with Blues.

Course Contents

  • The 10 Categories of Life
  • What Blues Value
  • Blue Self-Description
  • Words That Blues Use
  • A Blue “Values” Chart
  • What Blues Say About Themselves
  • Blue Environments
  • Motivating Blues
  • Blue Buyers
  • Blue Salespeople
  • What Blues Sound Like
  • Conversing with Blues
  • Blue Contributions to the Workplace
  • Blue Occupations
  • Blue Worker Strengths
  • Blue Leaders
  • Blue Teammates
  • Appreciating Blues
  • Things That Stress Out Blues
  • Things Blues Do That Stress Out Others
  • Resolving Conflicts with Blues
  • Fun Activities for Blues
  • Blue Children
  • Blue Parents
  • Quotes from Blue Parents
  • Disciplining Blues
  • Blue Teens
  • Youthful Blue Relationships
  • Blue Reputations
  • Blue Clothing Styles
  • Relating to Blue Teenagers
  • Blue Learners
  • Teaching Blues
  • Blue Teachers
  • Blue Attitudes on Love
  • Relating with Blues