Orange: Vitality

Vitality is an approach to life marked by an appreciation for energy, liveliness, and excitement. You have a high need for action, movement, and mobility. You live life as an adventure to be approached whole-heartedly. You are inspired to be enthusiastic, cheerful, happy, and full of spirit.

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Orange: Playfulness

If you possess the virtue of playfulness, you like to take an activity that is dull and boring and turn it into something that is far more joyful, fun, and enjoyable. You have a pleasant sense of humor and enjoy the funny side of life. You like to party, flirt, frolic, and play merry pranks

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Orange: Persuasiveness

Persuasiveness gives you the power to convince people to do something different. You’re a great negotiator and use compelling, passionate arguments to get what you want. You are influential and motivational, knowing how to push the right buttons to promote a particular agenda.

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Orange: Performance

You are a natural performer and have the inherent ability to excel in any of the arts, from the fine arts to the performing arts to the industrial arts. You are entertaining, charming, and humorous and tend to liven up the room with your presence. You would rather be an active player than a passive

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Orange: Optimism

With optimism, you have the tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and expect the best outcome. You believe that no matter how bad things look at the moment, things will soon change for the better. You have the ability to rise to any occasion and turn things around to

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Orange: Initiative

With the virtue of initiative, you are willing to lead out, make the first move, and take the first step. It is an aggressive readiness combined with the energy to do something that might cause hesitation in others. Taking initiative sets you ahead of your competitors. It gives you visibility and allows you to set

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Orange: Impact

If you are an impactful person, you are able to do whatever it takes-whatever works-to get the job done, even if that means making mistakes, bending rules, or stepping on toes. You are interested in delivering an intense punch, knocking out the competition, and moving on to new challenges.

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Orange: Immediacy

With the virtue of immediacy, you are present-oriented. You don’t fret over the past or map out the future-you focus on what’s happening today. You like to keep your options open so you can have the freedom to respond to whatever happens. You enjoy making on-the-spot decisions. Your motto might be, “Just Do It Now!”

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Orange: Freedom

If you possess the virtue of freedom, you value liberty and can be counted on to give others the latitude to do what they want to do. You believe that people achieve the most when they are unimpeded, unobstructed, and unregulated. Because you hate limitations, you have a permissive nature and give people as much

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Orange: Courage

Courage is the capacity to take bold action in spite of significant risks or dangers. This strength allows you to avoid shrinking from the risks, threats, challenges, or pain associated with attempting to do good things. Courageous acts take self- confidence and bravery and are undertaken voluntarily.

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