Gold: Stability

The virtue of stability means you are firmly anchored or committed to a specific cause or activity. You have a fixed set of values and are secure in your beliefs. You are the stabilizing force in society as well as the groups you join. You are wary of change and fairly conservative.

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Gold: Reliability

Reliability means that others can depend on you. You keep your commitments and give your best to every job. You are trustworthy, responsible, and accept accountability for your actions. You don’t forget, and you don’t need to be reminded. You finish what you start. You keep your promises.

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Gold: Purposefulness

Being purposeful is having a clear focus. Begin with a vision for what you want to accomplish, and concentrate on your goals. Do one thing at a time, without scattering your energies. Some people let things happen. When you are purposeful, you make things happen.

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Gold: Prudence

Being prudent means that you are cautious with regard to practical matters. You have a reluctance to take unnecessary risks. You use discretion in spending resources and practice principles of frugality, thrift, and provident living. You try to be prepared for unforeseeable accidents and setbacks.

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Gold: Persistence

Persistence is having the mental strength to finish what you start and continue striving for your goals in the face of obstacles, hardships, and setbacks. It requires dedication, focus, and patience. Like a ship in a storm, you don’t become battered or blown off course-you just persevere with a stiff upper lip.

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Gold: Orderliness

Orderliness is being neat and putting things away in their proper places. You are organized and know where things are when you need them. You hate chaos, clutter, and things that are out-of-control or out-of-sequence. Order around you creates order inside you. It gives you peace of mind.

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Gold: Obedience

If you possess the virtue of obedience you are law-abiding and try to always do the right thing. You understand the importance of moral teachings in your life, and the need to follow the rules and regulations that govern your community. You are respectful of leaders, officials, and other authority figures, and carefully follow their

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Gold: Moderation

Moderation is creating a healthy balance in your life between work and play, rest and exercise. You aren’t excessive or extreme. You don’t overdo or get swept away by the things you like. You use your self-discipline to take charge of your life and your time.

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Gold: Justice

Practicing justice is being fair and impartial. You understand the importance of administering deserved punishments or rewards in accordance with honor, standards, or the law. You believe people should get what they earn and receive what they are entitled to be given.

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Gold: Honor

Honor is living a life that is noble and praiseworthy. You show great respect for yourself, other people, and the rules you live by. When you are honorable, you keep your word. You do the right thing regardless of what others are doing. Honor is a path of integrity.

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