Gaining Insight

The Green Temperament

If there is a color that is more lonely than the others, it would be the Green. Only six percent of people are Green, and only one third of those are female. For some reason, they don’t exist in nature with the same frequency as the Golds and Oranges, or even their opposites, the Blues.

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The Orange Temperament

The Oranges represent the second largest group of people in the world—about 40%. These are they who need freedom, excitement, and challenge in order to be happy. They look for physical stimulation, competition, and movement, especially if it gives them a chance to stand in the spotlight and demonstrate their remarkable skills and talents. Oranges

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The Gold Temperament

Most Gold people tend to be dependable, law-abiding, cautious, and concerned citizens. They like following schedules, routines, and established procedures. They are organized, traditional, disciplined, and realistic. Because Golds can be counted on to do whatever needs to be done, they become the backbone of most organizations. Approximately 44% of all people are Gold, which

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The Blue Temperament

When you meet a Blue person, you’re likely to find someone who is warm, caring, kind, sharing, and easy-going. They will be helpful, communicative, sensitive, unselfish, and affectionate. They’re likely to stop whatever they’re doing and focus on you and your wants and needs. And they do this because they genuinely care about you and

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