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Coaching with Nathan Bryce

Nathan is the founder and president of Insight Learning, an international educational organization that has recently partnered with Four Lenses, a Shipley Communications Company. Together they are please to present this website, The Nexus Quest.

Nathan is the author of an extensive collection of books, training presentations, course materials, lesson plans, news articles, television programs, and multimedia publications that teach people about the Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange temperaments. He has also created materials that teach a variety of emotional intelligence skills as well as cognitive, social, personal, family, and employment skills —the skills that help people succeed in life. 

After several years of full-time research and thousands of interviews, in 1994 he published the Insight Personality Instrument—the only personality test to be granted a US patent. His work has been distributed on every continent and has been used successfully by hundreds of thousands of individuals. From boardrooms to family rooms, and from courtrooms to college classrooms, Nathan’s products help people to understand others better, strengthen interpersonal relationships, successfully motivate others, reduce stress and conflict, increase empathy and tolerance, develop emotional intelligence, energize the learning process, and promote effective communication. 

In 2021, Nathan began working on his current project, The Nexus Quest, which you have discovered on this website. Its mission is to kick the understanding of human temperament up a notch by teaching you how to adopt the positive strengths, called virtues, of each of the four temperaments. While it is impossible to change your own colors, you can adopt the positive attitudes and mature behaviors that makes other colors successful. Enhancing your own behavior, and putting the human back into humanity, is the focus of The Nexus Quest.

If you would like to schedule some time with Nathan, to talk about temperament and how it can be used to improve your life, or to talk about your progress in completing The Nexus Quest program, or to discuss any other problem that relates to the wacky people in our lives, he would be happy to mentor you and offer his expert advice. Or, if you need an accountability partner, to keep you motivated as you journey along the path of self-improvement, he would be honored to be your partner.

His normal rates are $50 per half-hour, but during the inaugural launch of this website, he is dropping his fee in half to $25. Hurry, only a limited number of slots are available at this price. After you purchase a session, you will be taken to his booking page. All coaching sessions will be conducted via Zoom or phone calls, whichever you prefer.