Free Assessment

Gaining Virtue is a 9-item multiple-choice survey that will identify the set of virtues or strengths that most appeal to you. It will also identify your primary temperament of Blue, Gold, Green, or Orange.

Premium Assessments

(For subscribers only)

The Maturity Assessment is used to assess your strength in all 52 virtues. It takes about 20 minutes to complete then provides a score for each virtue, sorted from most like you to least like you.

The Primary Temperament Quiz is a 20-item multiple-choice survey that identifies your primary temperament of Blue, Gold, Green, or Orange.

The Insight Temperament Test is a 20-minute, 72-question A/B assessment that features two choices for each question where you choose the answer that is most like you. 

The Insight Spectrum Survey is a 10-minute, 10-question survey where you rank the four sentence parts of each question with a value from one to four.

The Insight Personality Instrument is a 30-minute, 40-question survey where you rank an image and its accompanying paragraph on a zero to 4-point scale.